Z, the Masked Musical of Zorro Musical Lyrics

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Z, the Masked Musical of Zorro Lyrics

Musical was composed by R. W. Cabell. In March 1997, New York's Producers' Club Theatre hosted the trial of the play. Staging was directed by R. Sordelet. Choreography did M. E. Gardens. The cast was the following: R. Baker, R. Burton, T. Sherwood, L. Halverson, A. Hallbrook, L. Gans, R. Korthaze, E. Perry, M. Schilke, G. R. Ramsey, T. Enriquez, D. Conroy, R. Sharpe, R. Stephens & J. D. Brimmer. The reading of future stage production was from April to May 1997 in The Lambs Theatre, directed by N. Corley. The fighting scenes development was on T. Enriquez. The cast was: S. McDermott, L. Halverson, J. Langel, T. Enriquez, G. Ramsey, W. Linton, D. Conroy, R. Sharpe, R. Stephens, M. Hudgins, W. Ryall, R. Barclay, M. DeVries, J. Winter, R. Korthaze, K. Taylor, T. Jones & B. Nayhas.

In 1998, a concept album with songs from the musical was recorded. Songs performed: R. Blades, P. Newman, D. Gibson, R. Gomez, C. Noll, R. Evan & T. Enriquez amongst others. From February to March 2000, in Oregon’s Ace Theater was world premiere of the show. German production was going from June to July 2013 during Clingenburg Festival of fashion. Adaptation and translation was done by M. Krohn. The choreography developed by S. Anders and M. Mai. The cast involved Philip Georgopoulos, Karl Grunewald, Judith Peres, Hannes Seebauer, Daniel Coninx, Daniel Pabst, Christian Theodoridis, Karl Straub, Sonja Tièschky, Maria Altmann, Noémi Schröder, Frank Kirschgens, Nadine Eisenhardt, Michael Marwitz, David Fengler, Tobias Brown, Catherin Joos & Maria Altmann.
Release date: 1999
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