Deep in the Night lyrics - Z, the Masked Musical of Zorro

Deep in the Night lyrics

Deep in the Night

X deep in the night among shadows i glide
Though i fight for the right
In the darkness i hide
I drop from a tree as they
Ride through a glade
Lunging and leaping
Avoiding their blade

Bullets fly
Barely missing my head
Of the four i attack
Two are wounded one dead

And i try not to think
How his family will feel
When they hear that he died
From a taste of my steel
So i hide in a cloak
Of the indigo night
I've settled one score
In the battle i fight

Nights full of danger
All have tanken their toll
Cold lonely but still i
Can't lose sight of my goal

So i slink like a fox
That's pursued by the pack
When they're off their guard
That is when i attack

Far from the cry
Of the battle and blade
I seek people out
That they hurt and degrade

And i weep when i see
How greed's taken its toll
Give them food for their hunger
And hope for their soul
I fade into the night
And i doff my disguise
And assume the demeanor
Of one i dispise

And i wait through the day
Like a fox in his den
Waiting for night
To strike once again

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