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What Makes a Hero lyrics

What Makes a Hero

What makes a hero
The way they behave?
Simply righting a wrong
Being handsome and strong
Or just being brave?

What moment is there
That creates his resolve
Is it brawn is it might
Or the courage to fight
That will get him involved
Who is this man
What makes his blood rage
What injustice what deed
What more does he need
To leap from the page

What makes a hero

In my prayers in my books i seek answers
We are desperate and can't take much more
Maria de dios i beg you
Send a hero to walk through that door

Where is our hero
When will he arrive
They've torn us apart
Reach deep in your heart
To help us survive
Can he shatter the chains of injustice
And undo what this tyrant has done
Be the leader that holds us together
Uniting our people as one

We need a hero
We need one now
Are you made are you born
Is it danger you scorn
Someone please tell me how
We're tired of lies
With truth we will fight
The way that they did
In the days of el cid
Is an answer in sight

We need a hero
I pray for a hero
Send us a hero!

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