Glorious Glutinous Greed lyrics - Z, the Masked Musical of Zorro

Glorious Glutinous Greed lyrics

Glorious Glutinous Greed

A man's golden years
Can bring miseries and fears
With no offspring to see to his needs
I've got children galore
Little ones i adore
To feed me and clothe me and more

As they nestle in bed
I tousle their head
And lovingly tuck each one in
As i watch and protect them
And help them to grow
It does my heart good just to know

I can dine on roast pig
While the mealy mouth peasants are crying
I don't give a fig
As long as my needs they're supplying
Let them grovel and plead
I still take what i need
For my glorious glutinous greed

Though the peasants are scrawny
And ruined and tired
I wouldn't change them one bit
Tell me what tyrant would
If he thought that he could
Their misery's the best part of it

So speak to me little ones
Tell me your fate
How should you be used now
To help elevate
My standard of living
I simply can't wait
To rise to a glorious state

So i'll steal and lie
For the things that my father denied me
And on the sly
Buy a title and fine pedigree
I'm a nobleman's seed
Quite a bastard indeed
Full of glorious glutinous greed

There's one thing that i can assure
I am a coin connoisseur
I can judge metal's merit
Right down to the karat
Just by the sound that they make
With a plunk or a ping
With each sweet little ting
I know by the way that they ring

Ooooooh! Six coppers, one silver and three gold. (laughs)
I never miss! The gold is so easy, it makes such a lush, clear,
Melodious chime. The coppers sound so dull and hollow.
But they spend. They spend!

So i drink as each clink and metalical plink
Brings each bag to the brink overflowing
As each stuffed bag of coins
Brings a heat to my loins
Like a plump tart who's bosoms are showing

Each coin delights and truly excites
Like a harlot that bites me below
With each bag on my lap
That i fill with a slap
Gets bigger the longer we go

Ooh ooooh ooooooooooooh!

So i'll feast on quail
While the mealy mouth peasants are crying
Let them moan and wail
As their problems just keep multiplying
Let them grovel and plead
I'll still take what i need
For my glorious glutinous greed

Let them hunger and bleed
Their sole purpose indeed
Is my glorious glutinous greed
Like the old loco weed
They're just fodder to feed
All my glorious

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