Z, the Masked Musical of Zorro synopsis

Z, the Masked Musical of Zorro Synopsis - Broadway musical

People began to tell the story of Count Montero and his famous grandson, at the gypsy campfire. One day, a young nobleman fell in love with a beautiful girl. She, Endara, began to experience the reciprocate feelings to him. Count Montero’s father did not give consent to their marriage, since beloved of his son was a gypsy princess. Going against the will of the parent, the boy secretly married Endara, and they fled from Spain to California. Noble newlyweds were treated very well in the New World. Count Montero built a huge villa for his beautiful wife. Soon they had a daughter, Sonya. After seven years of cloudless happiness, trouble came to the house of the couple: Endara and the expected child died during childbirth. Heartbroken Count handed the rent of his land with their villa to neighbor family Vega. Then he took a little child and went to Spain. The son asked his father not to tell anyone about Sonya’s gypsy blood flowing in her veins, and the Montero family was reunited.

Many years later, young Alfredo Vega arrived in Spain. He wanted to buy the land, which was leased by his family for so long. When he saw a beautiful girl, a young man fell in love. He married Sonya and took her home. In California, the young couple had a son Diego. At age of 11, the boy was sent to the grandfather. Diego spent a lot of time in Spain, living in the ancestral castle. He studied fencing, as members of the family of count Montero were royal masters of the sword. Once the young man has found out the secret of his grandmother. At the insistence of his grandfather, grandson learned to wield the whip, as was customary at the Roma. Acquainted with Endara’s relatives, Diego learnt their skills of handling a dagger. Also, young man have learned to be brisk, clever and deft, turning into an elusive shadow. When the boy was 20 years old, his grandfather died. Becoming wise beyond his years, Diego returned to his parents in California.

A young man saw praying girl in the church once. He heard the beautiful stranger asked the heavens to send to earth a hero who would protect ordinary people from the tyranny of the governor. Diego has decided to respond to a passionate call of the young person named Carlotta. A young man came up with the image of the mysterious defender Zorro, cunning like a fox and elusive as a shadow. Soon Carlotta heard – there appeared a mysterious avenger in California, whose face was hidden behind a mask. Governor Juan also learned that high taxes collected from the population were no longer flowing into the treasury. In an effort to keep own incognito, Diego became a regular at the aristocratic society. Being in the image of Zorro, he met Carlotta, and a girl began to love him. Finding out, who was hiding behind the mask, beauty girl was happy – the groom, the engagement with whom was arranged already by her mother, turned out to be this mysterious avenger.

Alfredo, along with other aristocrats, tried to soften the protégé of the Spanish king through letters. Diego began active fight against captain Ramirez – he was the illegitimate son of the governor, and helped his father to rob the local population. Once Zorro’s identity secret was revealed and a young aristocrat was arrested. Carlotta was able to rescue her beloved from prison and to avoid his execution. Diego fought with Captain Ramirez and beat him. The people of California have believed in their counsel and rebelled. People finally got rid of the cruel tyranny of the governor. Diego reunited with his beloved Carlotta.
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