You May Call Me Phonicon lyrics - Triumph Of Love

You May Call Me Phonicon lyrics

You May Call Me Phonicon

[Princess Leonide, Hesione]

You may call me Phocion
If you would care to.
Say the word and I'll begone,
If you desire.
But indulge me if you will
Until I've had my say.
Ah, please, madame I am on fire.
Let me tell you what I saw
While I was strolling
A face and form without a flaw
Of anykind.
Since that moment she is all
The world I want to see,
And how that world inflames my mind.
I'm so sorry,
She of whom you speak,
Quite a story,
But the one you seek,
I mean surely,
You exaggerate, sir I know no one like her.
But you surely exagerate, don't you sir...
How I long to touch her hair,
Her neck, her shoulder blade.
How I yearn to be the stair she means to tread.
How I long to be the air that she is breathing
The fragrant sheets upon her bed.
Ah woe is me...
How I tremble when she sighs
And says,"Ah, woe is me.
"When I look into her eyes
And drown
Sit down!
How I want her even more
The More I think of her
No matter how, or where, or when.
So confusing,
But I must resist.
So amusing,
How do you persist?
I mean really!
Your refusal to hear what seems perfectly clear.
This is getting you nowhere at all, my dear.
Don't you see that I can't bear
No! No! To live No! No!
Without her. No, no, no.
Yet the woman's not aware I want to woo.
No, it can't be true.
I must have her in my arms
Oh, in my bed
Oh, ev'ry moment.
Oh, you waste your breath
She's not able to resist me now.
I'd rather death.
How she'd cumble if she kissed me now.
It is too late...
Madame, I wait for you. Last Update: April, 30th 2014

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