Triumph Of Love synopsis

Triumph Of Love synopsis

Triumph Of Love Synopsis - Broadway musical

Action tells about the events of the 18th century. Philosopher Hesione and his nephew Agis reflect that Princess Leonide, who illegally won their kingdom, deserves death. The parents of a young man have fallen as victims of insidious plans of princess’ relatives. Servants arrive and report that the brother of the philosopher – Hermocrates – hitting the road to kill the princess.

When men go away, in the abode of the philosopher gets unnoticed Princess Leonide with her maid. She talks to Agis, not knowing what he wants her death. Princess said that she lives for the sake of love, and her dream that she and her boyfriend did not stop in front of anything in the name of love. Since the garden is forbidden to visits of the women, the princess and her maid dressed in men's clothes, and took the men's names – Phocion and Troy.

Harlequin recognizes young women in dressed-like-men people, but the princess admits that she wants to win the favor of Agis. When the princess and heir to the kingdom are introduced, he finds sympathy for a new friend. He trusts him her most cherished secret: the purpose of his life is to punish the one whose parents killed his relatives. He convinces the princess disguised as a man to take an oath to kill Leonide. She agrees.

Princess pleads philosopher Hesione to attend the lecture of Hermocrates, but he does not allow. To convince him, she feigns passion for him and, as the result, finally gets permission to meet with her idol.

Faced with Hermocrates, princess, disguised as a man, says that she wants to start a new life, but to do this, she needs his guardianship and wise advice. Philosopher warns of the severity of such a life. Later, he realizes that a woman actually is in front of him, of what shall promptly report her. She says that is interested in him, not only because of his sharp mind and wisdom, but also she is fascinated by his mind and is in love with the philosopher. Hermocrates gives instruction to his servant to follow the young a princess, disguised as a man, and not allow her to meet with Agis in any case.

Princess recognized Agis that she is not really a man but a woman. She takes a different name, and says she was forced to leave the kingdom of harsh Princess Leonide. A young man is fascinated by a young girl.

Servant persuades heir to marry the girl, but the heir of Sparta, though he is in love, not ready to do so. Heart-broken, he abandons the relation with the princess.

In one of his conversations with the servant, the heir admits he loves that girl. But he was not the only one experiencing feelings for her. Philosopher Hesione is also fascinated by princess, but suddenly men realize that they were deceived by the cunning girl. They demand an explanation. Princess Leonide confesses in the committed crime.

Agis, fascinated by her candor, softened and admitted that his feelings were sincere and profound. He says that from now on the kingdom will be managed by love and peace, because their hearts ticking in unison. All actors announce that the government of the country is possible only if the mind and heart work together.
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