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Triumph Of Love Review - Broadway musical

The play, based on which this theatrical was staged, was written in the XVIII century, in the era of the French Enlightenment. That is why overly emotional characters fully reflect the essence of that time. It is a fascinating story, full of sharp phrases, humor, irony, and disguise, could not escape from the suffering, starving to quality stories, viewers and theater directors. For them it was a possibility to display on the stage that uplifted intellectual game, and the ease, which marks the whole spirit of the French Enlightenment era.

For the main characters, it is quite normal to go on stage and announce their plans. Just like that, without concealing anything, to announce that the main goal of life is love, passionate and all-consuming. And everything in their life is subject only to the love and passion. If you are not ready for such a turn of events, you will find the action on the stage at least illogical and strange.

Generally, Marivaux’s heroes very often change their hypostasis. The servants begin to play the role of the hosts and the hosts suddenly transform into servants. In the play ‘Triumph of Love’ plot twists even more bright: girls dress up like men not to reveal who they really are.

At the same time, the main character desperately wants to marry only that man whom she will love, but that does not stop her to seduce all the men that are found in her path. Obviously, for reason – she follows her local everyday goals in this way.

By the way, while in the hall, you catch yourself thinking ‘But who really the main character is? The warrior and cunning queen? Or a woman in love, who put her feeling onto a pedestal? Or just an ordinary liar?’. The truth lies somewhere in between and there is no only single right answer on this question.

Especially strong was one of the latest scenes, which reveals the real face of the princess. The entire scene is filled with candles – symbols of human lies. They illumine with light just as the truth illuminates the protagonists’ faces. A bit unrealistic looks denial of the true heir of Sparta of his retaliation. He easily refuses to forgive the one, whose parents killed his relatives. Explanation of everything is only one – love, captivated the heart of a young man. He is ready to forgive the insult, because now his kingdom will be managed by loyal wife who also had put love above bitterness and desire for revenge.
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