What Have I Done? lyrics - Triumph Of Love

What Have I Done? lyrics

What Have I Done?

[Princess Leonide]

She looks at me the way I look at him,
With love,
With eyes that burn too fever bright, and brim
With love.
Eyes that fix on mine,
Praying for asign.
Eager to indulge my evr'y whim
With love.
She turns to me as flowers turn their faces to the sun.
What have I done?
It was merely a means to an end,
Just a little charade.
The ardent Phocion,
So subtly planned and played.
To move a heart of granite,
I armed myself to fight.
It was away of getting what I wanted
Agis was what I wanted
Agis is all I wanted but does that make it right?
He's ready to abandon his ideals
His quest for reason, evr'ything he feels,
Forlove. Break his sacred vow,
Not in the ory, now!
Risk disaster nipping a this heels
The very man who once had all the answers,
Now has none,
What have I done? It was merely a means to an end,
An attempt to persuade.
A little pas de deux,
Wherein the point is made.
But this man has lost his reason,
Given all to follow me.
And I was just intent on what I wanted.
Agis was what I wanted.
Agis is all I wanted
As he wants
If my conscience was speaking,
I never heard, I knew one name,
One sound,
One word, Agis.
No, I never went seeking
What fin'lly occurred,
My world became one name,
One word, Agis. Agis...
I lied to him not once but twice,
I lied for love.
Became his friend, his confidante, his guide, for love.
Preyed upon his heart,
Made it stop and start.
Watched him put all egiances aside for love.
The boy had so much trust in me,
And now he will have none.
What have I done?
The woman he loves is Cecile, not me.
The woman he loves is the woman I only pretend to be.
If I tell him the truth, would he despise me?
He would despise me.
I must go to him and say,
Agis, don't turn away!
I am Leonide, see what I'd do for you,
Leonide I'd give up my throne for you,
Give up my crown,
Give up my kingdom,
All of it,evr'ything,
For your love.
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