Anything lyrics - Triumph Of Love

Anything lyrics


[Princess Leonide]

If you had seen him,
How like Adonis,
Tall and slim.
I was faint with joy just being close to him.
Hiss upplefingers,
Stroking the pages of his book.
Ah, what pleasure he took in his beautiful book.
Agis, that's his name...
Agis, I would do anything for him,
Anything is wear,
Give up food and water,
Shave off all myhair.
There's not a thing that I am fearful of,
I would do anything,
Anything forhislove.
I'd blow the pyramids to bits, desecrate a shrine,
Take a vow of chastity,
Become his concubine!
Take a vow of poverty,
If push should come to shove,
I would do anything,
Anything for his love.
I'd wage war or vanish ever more
I'd save his life before my own.
I'd deplore war,
But considering whom it's for,
I'd take a hundred armies on alone
I'd cause a hurricane to blow!
Order an eclipse!
Move a dozen mountains!
Launch a thousand ships!
So rattle your sabre,
Throw down your glove,
I swear by sweet Aphrodite above,
I would do anything,
I tell you anything,
Yes,I'd do anything for his love. Last Update: January, 06th 2014

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