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Issue in Question lyrics

Issue in Question


Issue in question, a rapid heart rate,
Probable cause unknown.
Shortness of breath when there's someone near
Or when I'm alone.
Postulate theory, then explore,
May unlock the door.
Issue in ques -tion,
The rapid heart rate happens when she is near.
Shortness of breath when I'm with her,
Now it's perfectly clear.
She is the cause and furthermore,
Nothing is as it ever was before.
Why this strang eanticipation?
Why this sense the world is new?
I'm alive, at last I am alive,
And now the world is, too!
Issue in question, an urge to shout it,
Difficult to suppress.
Simple suggestion, forget about it,
Agonizeless. Cogitate, ergo, use my head.
What is this odd emotion that I dread?
Is it love? MyGod, I hope not.
If this is love, I am undone.
Love's a curse, across to bear, or worse,
A war that's never won.
Issue in question, my years of training,
All of it gone for naught.
Disregard passion,
Rely on reason,
As I was taught.
Suddenly none of that applies,
Not when I've gazed into those eyes,
they are astounding
Oh, God, they take my breath away.
Eyes that grace the most amazing face
In ways I dare not say.
Shouldn't I tell her the way I'm feeling,
Ev'ry last detail of
How my heart hovers against the ceiling somewhere above?
Never mind logic truth and art.
Only one issue for this heart.
Issue in question?
Issue in question? No question. It's love. Last Update: September, 10th 2014

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