Thank God She's Blind lyrics - Toxic Avenger, The

Thank God She's Blind lyrics

Thank God She's Blind

She is a flower full of sweet perfume
She steals my breath away when she walks in the room
A woman like that is so hard to find
And oh, oh, thank God she’s blind

What would she do if she could see my face’
Would she love it tender or spray it full of mace
I wish I could get my eyeball back in my eye
When your face looks decayed
It’s hard to get laid
But she thinks I’m one, beautiful guy

I will give her this geranium
And pray she doesn’t touch my cranium
Love isn’t loud at all, it’s soft and kind
Oh, oh thank God she’s blind
Oh, oh thank God she’s blind

Old Lady:
Help me! somebody please help me! help me!

I’m sorry, I can’t get involved. I just promised this girl. I’m sorry.

Old Lady:
But I’m so old!

For crying out loud!

Old Lady:
Thank you!

I see that girl, I see that guy
I see the moon, I see the sky
I see each girl, I see each boy
I see the hope, I see the joy
I see the day, I see the night
I see the love, I see the light
But oh, thank God she’s blind

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