Toxic Avenger, The review

Toxic Avenger, The Review - Broadway musical

The first production was accepted by the audience quite positively. Most people and critics liked it a lot. The next staging, which was displayed in New York, was disputable. The New York Times called this version too silly. New York Post described it as a funny thing. Despite such difference in points of view, we can say for sure that this musical is a significant thing. It is proved by so many revivals, the latest of which were in 2016.

Look at the cast first. The critics from called them astonishing. Nick Cordero – a Canadian actor, who obtained the leading role in this Off-Broadway performance – made a debut here. His acting was so funny and convincing, that it was hard not to notice him. His metamorphoses from super-nerd to slime-dripping hulk are impressive. After this, he was invited to play in several Broadway productions. Another gifted person in the staging is Nancy Carol Opel. Her transformations from one character to the other are fantastic. You will probably not notice that it is one and the same actress playing two different roles. This nominee for Tony Award brought a part of success to this spectacle. The most hilarious scene was when she had to play her both roles. The characters were involved into a duet, and her flitting above the stage was just funny and amazing. One more leading actress – Sara Chase – is prominent for her vibrant and beautiful voice.

Secondary roles should be mentioned as well. Matthew Saldivar and Demond Green give the audience an additional chance to laugh. The director of the show – John Rando – deserves special grace. He managed to create such an outstanding thing with just five actors on the stage! He also made the musical to be full of humor and silly things. Of course, the actors’ talent is essential here. Without it, the show would never become a masterpiece. You should not forget that Rando is a Tony Award winner for his outstanding direction. So, we cannot refuse that the greatest part of fame of this performance belongs to his work.

The music takes special place here. We must thank Joe DiPietro and David Bryan – two people, who were responsible for the creation of the songs. You will hear 18 compositions, each of which is gorgeous. The critics say that the music in this production has irresistible driving quality. It is important to know that David Bryan was one of Bon Jovi founding members and their keyboardist. That’s why he managed to write music, which is just perfect for a rock show. He was also the author of the songs for the other successful Broadway spectacles.

The costumes of the performers are nice and original. The main hero looks just like real mutant, damaged by toxic waste.

In general, the musical is worth watching. It is hard to believe that a film, which has had a low budget and has not been too popular, has been transformed into such hit production. If you want to spend a wonderful evening, to relax, to enjoy talented acting and to receive many positive emotions – this spectacle is just for you!
Last Update:July, 18th 2016

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