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Solomon Song lyrics

Solomon Song

Remember wise old Solomon
Recall his history
He was the wisest man on earth
And so he cursed the day of his birth
He knew that all is vanity
So not much fun
Had Solomon
Now most of?us?might?agree
We are much?better off than?he
His brains it was that put him on the spot
I thought that brains were good
Guess not

Remember Julius Caesar's fame
Recall his destiny
Of all the dogs, top dog was he
But his best friends did him in thoroughly
And all because top dog was he
He screamed en route
"Et tu, ya brut?!"
I hope you've got the moral now
But I'll sp?ll if for you anyhow
His high position put him on the spot
Is it worth it to be top dog?
Guess not

Into the fire has our Macheath
Leapt from the frying pan
While he was tough and used his sense
He remained the pride of swindler and fence
Was every cutie's promised man
Then the poor dope
Went soft as soap
Forgot the things that he had won
He trusted us and was undone
His melting heart, it put him on the spot
I was thinking about reforming
Guess not
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