Call from the Grave lyrics - Threepenny Opera

Call from the Grave lyrics

Call from the Grave

Oh hear me calling to you, come and save
Macheath who's fallen here but not on grass
Macheath is bawlin' to you from the grave
And beggin' don't you let it come to pass
I hope to God you hear this dying call
Above the wall of earth that hems him in
Oh listen friends, do you not care at all?
If he's already dead or how he's been
But if he lives the die is not yet cast
Don't let his suffering forever last

Oh come yourself and see his sorry plight
How he for once is really down and out
And don't be sur? that you can trust the might
Of all the dirty cash you throw about
Bewar? you don't go down with him as well
Get on your feet and storm the Royal Court
And tell them anything to plead his cause
Go on and run, you pigs, the time is short
He still has teeth to use, he still has claws
Don't let him rot eternally in Hell
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