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Death Message lyrics

Death Message

Oh brothers who live on when we are dead
Let not your noble hearts against us harden
And smile not when the news shall claim our head
A silly secret smile to ease your burden
Nor rail against us now you see us broken
Nor take revenge upon us, like the law
Not all of us treat virtue with such awe
Oh brothers, being light of heart, be shaken
Oh brothers, make our fate a lesson be
And beg of God that h? will pardon me

And luscious girls who flaunt their treasur?
Before the eyes of easy yokels
And other men who wait at leisure
To watch and snatch their simple shackles
The crooks, the molls, the flesh house owners
The shills by day and sharks by night
And yes, those dogs in uniform
May I be guiltless in their sight
May heavy hatchets hit their faces
And smash them in for all to see
Now I forget their filthy faces
And beg them all to pardon me
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