Love Song lyrics - Threepenny Opera

Love Song lyrics

Love Song

[MACHEATH, spoken]
You see the moon over Dock Street?

I see it, dearest.
You feel me heart beating, beloved?

[MACHEATH, spoken]
I feel it, beloved.

[POLLY, spoken]
Anywhere you go I will go with you.

You go with me, then I won't go anywhere.

No papers or licenses seal our troth
No floral wreaths or garlands are there
Who paid for your (my) bridal gown?
I ask us both
And where is the veil for your (my) hair?
Oh drink, let us drink one more drink from the glass
And then fling it down while we may
For love lives evermore, or love will pass
Who knows how to mak? love stay?
Last Update: October, 24th 2023

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