Melodrama/Polly’s Song lyrics - Threepenny Opera

Melodrama/Polly’s Song lyrics

Melodrama/Polly’s Song

[POLLY, spoken]
It lasted so short a time, Mack.

[MACHEATH, spoken]
Is it over, then?

[POLLY, spoken]
Last night, I had a dream. I was looking out the window, and I heard someone laughing in the alley. And when I looked, I saw our moon. Only it was a pale, thin moon, like a worn-out old penny. Don't forget me, Mack, in foreign lands.

[MACHEATH, spoken]
I swear I'll never forget you. Kiss me, Polly.

[POLLY, spoken]
Goodbye, Mack.

[MACHEATH, spoken]
Goodbye, Polly.

[POLLY, spoken]
And he will never come back again. The Queen is preparin' to drive down London Way. Where will we all be on Coronation Day?
Sweet while it lasted
And now it is over
Tear out your heart
Say "Goodby?, my lover"
What good is my weeping
Blessed Virgin, oh h?ar me
When even my own mother
Knew it all before me

[MACHEATH, offstage]
Who knows how to make love stay?
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