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Some Like It Hot lyrics

Some Like It Hot

The world is like this supper club
The Lord above, the maître d'
He throws the menu down
Lets you peruse, then ask ya, "What'll it be?"
The choices are many, so risk it, love
And have it your own way
'Cause whatever butters your biscuit, love
Is fine by me
Which is why I say

Some like a cool pastoral scene
With rolling hills, and woods of green
It's Heaven-sent, to pitch a tent
To bill in cool
Some like the warm Hawaiian clime
Where one can really take one's time
And hit the sack in a grass shack
Just made for two

Some like it nippy on the ice
'Cause then the sheets are paradise
Keep rubbin' hips, until your lips
Stop turning blue!
Some like it rough, some like it tame
Give me a moth who loves the flame
Some like it hot, and hot is what I got
For you!

[Dance break]

Now on a sultry summer day
Some consummate with consommé
Yes, as a rule it keeps things cool
As mountain air
And though the postman might ring twice
Some like a man who brings the ice
He cometh with his block
To stock my Frigidaire!

To warm the cockles of their heart
Some like a fresh young apple tart
But in a storm, just being warm
Will never do
But if you've a yen for egg foo young
Mine's guaranteed to burn your tongue
Some like it hot, and hot is what I got
For you!

If everybody was the same
Well, life would be a bore

If Manny goes with Sammy, hell
That's what he's yearnin' for!
Let different rhythms move your seat
For I have often found

We all dance to a different beat
And that's what makes the world go 'round!

[Dance break]

Dilliya-doot, dillya-doot, dillya-di-dow

Dilliya-doot, dillya-doot, dillya-di-dow

Dilliya-doot, dillya-doot, dillya-di-dot-dow!

[SWEET SUE & SUGAR, spoken]
Everybody, dance!

[Dance break]
If you like your seafood salty
Come and cast your line in me

If not, just keep on diving for
Some new fish in the sea

The world's a great big candy store
So let your tootsie roll

Come dance on through our swingin' door
And put some sugar in your bowl!

So ladies, Hades is the spot
To feel what angels sure are not
Some like it hot, and hot is what I got
For you!
Some like it hot
And hot
Is what I got for you!
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