Baby, Let’s Get Good lyrics - Some Like It Hot

Baby, Let’s Get Good lyrics

Baby, Let’s Get Good

[DAPHNE, spoken]
Oh, Osgood
You saved us all

[OSGOOD, spoken]
Anything for my Daphnecita

[DAPHNE, spoken]
But before we marry, I need to tell you something

[OSGOOD, spoken]
What is it, mi amor?

[DAPHNE, spoken]
Well to begin, I doubt your mother will ever approve of?me
I?have?a terrible past
I?smoke, I drink

[OSGOOD, spoken]
Not?nearly enough for her tastes, I assure you

[DAPHNE, spoken]
I can never have children

[OSGOOD, spoken]
We can adopt

[DAPHNE, spoken]
You don't understand—

[OSGOOD, spoken]
Daphne, my dear
I do understand and I think you're perfect?

[DAPHNE, spoken]

Nobody's perfect

Well, that may be true
But Daphne's perfect for me
Osgood's perfect for you

Well then, what is there to say except
I do, I do?

Welcome to Daphnecita's, the hottest club in Los Angeles!
It's my pleasure to introduce our Lady of Libation
Sweet Sue and her Society Syncopators!
[SWEET SUE, spoken]
Tonight is a very special night, Osgood
Let's raise a glass of lawful liquor, my pets
For the twenty-first amendment has just been ratified
And that spells the end of prohibition!
We've been bad for so long, let's see if we can remember how to be good!

Who needs flappers and bathtub gin?
To hell with the depression, let the fun begin
'Cause the band's all I need for the kicks to kick in
Baby, let's get good!

Poor public enemy number one
The government just went and spoiled all his fun
And though I'll really miss the way that gangster handled his gun
Baby, let's get good!

Well, they ended the party when they gave us permission

I know I shouldn't say it, but I'll miss Prohibition

We'll have to choose a Sunday kind of celebrating
The positive is what we'll now be accentuating

What are you thirsty for?

What are you thirsty for?

So keep your flappers and bathtub gin
Yeah, go and tell the milkman that we'll give him a spin

Oh, but now and then we'll break for some original sin

Baby, let's get good!

Yeah, who woulda thought when we boarded that train

That all the lights in Hollywood would spell “Sugar Kane”

Yes, MGM's calling

The band's made a killing

And we can still be partners

Yeah, but who gets top billing?

No more hiding the love we've got

And now the time has come for us to tie the knot

Then we'll turn up the heat because we like it hot

Yeah, things are looking as they should!
Baby, baby, baby, let's get good!

[Dance break]

And when the curtain rises every night

You'll be at my left

You'll be at my right

There's no hotter ending to discuss
And you can't have me
If you don't have us!
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