Let’s Be Bad lyrics - Some Like It Hot

Let’s Be Bad lyrics

Let’s Be Bad

[OSGOOD, spoken]
Oh, Daphne

It's true, your Bible says abstain
And that my poor back is racked with pain
Still, while I'm able to raise Cain
Let's be bad!

Even though I'm old as Moses
Those commandments he proposes
They don't end up in a bed of roses
Let's be bad!

Your head is spinning
But I'm just beginning
The night is for sinning
And when you return from our great affair
Your Mr. Gideon will still be there!

Chemistry has certain rules
That they don't teach in Sunday schools
Care to pool our molecules?
Let's be bad!

When my top is set to blow
And my favorite word is no
'Cause it points the way to go

Let's be bad!

If you say something is taboo
Well, that's the thing I wanna do!
Do it 'til I'm black and blue

Let's be bad!

Rehearsals were brutal
So I'm wettin' my noodle
Resistance is futile
'Cause tonight the heat comes from below
When I'll be shakin' my maracas in Mexico!

Why stay in with Bible thumpin'?
Get your sacred heart a-pumpin'
I got some beans to get you jumpin'!

Let's be bad!
Neighbor, open up your door
You know what we're knockin' for
Being good is such a bore
Let's be bad!

Ladies, I was set for bed
Until I saw this shade of red
I may be good, but honey, I ain't dead!
Let's be bad!

We're courtin' disorder
By crossin' the border

Girls, just don't drink the water!

F.D.R. could take some tips from me
For a real good neighbor policy!

I can't see the use in waiting
Your lips are intoxicating
Do my hips need some translating?
Let's be bad!
[Dance break]

Let's be bad!
Let's be bad!

Here's the key for my ignition
Kick that gas to my transmission
When you hear the things I'm wishin'
You won't offer opposition

Let's prohibit prohibition!

Let's (Lets)
Be (Be)
Bad, yeah! (Bad!)

Some like it hot, and that ain't bad!
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