A Darker Shade of Blue lyrics - Some Like It Hot

A Darker Shade of Blue lyrics

A Darker Shade of Blue

[SUGAR, spoken]
Sax men just get my motor purring
You fall for 'em and you love 'em and the next thing you know
They're borrowing money from you and spending it on other girls!
Then one morning you wake up and all that's left behind is a couple of chipped reeds
And a tube of toothpaste all squeezed out!
But then I meet the next one, and I'm lost all over again

I hear a trumpet singing
And then moonlight fills the sky
A trombone whispers softly
And the clouds keep driftin' by
But when a saxophone starts moanin'
Well, the moon drops out of view
To bring a darker shade of blue

I hear a piano twinklin'
And the stars all fill the night
A bassline starts a-climbin'
To make sure the stars shine bright
But when a saxophone starts cryin'
That's when nighttime takes its cue
To turn a darker shade of blue

A ukulele strummin'
Is a carefree kind of sound
It smiles and makes me do the same
But no one floats forever
Yeah, and when I hit the ground
A tenor sax is who's to blame

A violin will warm you
From the dusk until the dawn
The drums are like a friend
Who I can always count upon
Oh, but a sax is just a man
That blows a kiss and then he's gone!
Like a train that's only passing through
That leaves you lonely at the station
Called a darker shade of blue!
Oh, yeah

A sax is like a siren
And it's one I know too well
But still I never listened
And every time I fell!
Every time I fell!

So keep the music playing
From the heart and on the stand
'Cause life's a long hard road, yeah
But it's better with a band!
And when a saxophone starts wailing
I pray someone lends a hand
Before he breaks my aching heart in two
The lesson I keep learnin'
Is let the brass keep burnin'
To keep the night from turnin'
To a darker shade of blue!
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