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  4. The Very Best Week Of Your Lives
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The Very Best Week Of Your Lives lyrics

The Very Best Week Of Your Lives

BRENDA: (Spoken) Hi. I hope you all were listening and picked up your pens, because you may want to take notes. The next six days will be the busiest and most wonderful of your lives. So savor each moment, girls. As anyone over thirty can tell you... It'll never come again

(Singing) The very best week of your lives
The very best week of your lives
Up at seven, grab a shower,
Gulp breakfast down in half an hour
'Cause eight o'clock
Your first rehearsal'll start
Carol's passing out the songs we'll use this year
Please look at the music
And Learn all the lyrics by heart
Work till five when time's upon us
To meet the Jaycees and Kiwanis
You're gonna love all of them and their wives
Remember they're your friends and local sponsors of
The very best week of your lives

DORIA: Hi. I'm Doria Hudson. Yuba City.
ROBIN: Robin Gibson- Antelope Valley.
DORIA: It says here that we're bunk sisters. Does that mean roommates?
ROBIN: I think so.

BRENDA: (Singing) Tuesday, after costume fittings
We head downtown for photo sittings
We go by van- my husband Robert drives
He's my strong right arm and also your head judge
This very best week of your lives

BIG BOB: Now girls, we do have a few rules. Simple ones. No smoking. No drinking. And no... uh... no boys.
BRENDA: I know, I know. But it's just a week. and what a week.
(Singing) The best seven days of your lives
Magic moments and more than a few.
Wanna know how I know?
Well, you see, long ago
I was sitting there. I was one of you...

CAROL: (Speaking) Girls, I have an additional announcement. Your luggage will be arriving... Er... Some of your luggage will be arriving shortly. There's been a mix-up at the airport and...
BRENDA: Ladies, please...
(Singing) Do us all a special favor
And help create by your behavior
An atmosphere where beaming teamwork thrives
I see from your faces we can count on that
And so 'til your luggage arrives-
Wear your nametag, your sash, and a smile cheek to cheek
And watch out for the pipes in the bathrooms, they leak,
Still they're part of the start of the very best week of your lives-
(Speaking) Have a terrific evening, girls...
We turn lights out at ten...
Get lots of sleep
You'll need it...

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