Smile synopsis

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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Overture
  3. Opening (Typical High School Senior)
  4. The Very Best Week Of Your Lives
  5. Dear Mom 1
  6. Disneyland
  7. Shine Shine Video
  8. Dear Mom 2 Dear Mom 2 Video
  9. Bob's Song Bob's Song Video
  10. Nerves
  11. The Ramp Scene 
  12. Young And American Young And American Video
  13. Until Tomorrow Night
  14. Act 2
  15. Entr'acte 
  16. Opening - Act Two 
  17. Smile Smile Video
  18. We Wish We Were You 
  19. In Our Hands In Our Hands Video
  20. There Goes The Girl There Goes The Girl Video
  21. Finale Finale Video

Smile synopsis

Smile Synopsis - Broadway musical

The organizer of the competition Young American Miss, D. W. Shears began to explain to the girls, what qualities a winner should have. After that, the participants went to Santa Rosa, where the competition would take place. Event coordinator Brenda & the chief judge Big Bob photographed for a newsletter. The woman learned that Mr. Shears would personally watch this exhibition. Soon to the girls arrived coordinator & announced the schedule of the upcoming week. Housed in a dormitory, participants began to dream of victory. Doria told about how she first saw the broadcast of the beauty contest. At this time, Robin wrote a letter home.

When Little Bob began to watch the contestants, his father noticed him. Misinterpreted son's interest, Big Bob praised the boy for his attention to the show. Girls soon began to learn dance number under the guidance of choreographer Tommy. Several participants were invited to make a statement in the clubs of local sponsors. Brenda has sworn that she would not have worries because of the presence on the show of D. W. Shears. Tired Robin began to think to give up the competition. Contestant Shawn was unhappy because of the attention that other contestant, Maria, received from judges & sponsors. Chief referee urged his colleagues to pay attention not only on the outer, but to the inner beauty of women.

Little Bob & Freddy were going to take pictures of the nude contestants, to sell these images afterwards. In the morning, many participants felt unwell, as such workload was unfamiliar to them. During the interview with the judges, Robin was upset & ran out of the room – she was an orphan & did not know how to answer a question about her family. When the next dance rehearsal began, coordinator Brenda & choreographer Tommy had a big quarrel. In three preliminary competitions won Sandra-Kay, Maria & Robin. In the evening, Shawn caught Little Bob & Freddy when they were trying to take a picture of naked her in the shower. A girl was angry at first, but then entered into a deal with them to gain a profit out of situation.

During the show, in the background scene appeared a photo of nude Maria, taking a shower. Shocked girl left the competition. In the finals were Shawn, Doria, Sandra-Kay & Robin. The last had to admit that she was an orphan. At the same time, it turned out that Little Bob had put under Maria’s incriminating photo. Big Bob wanted to cancel the competition, but his wife insisted on continuation. Brenda even had to fire her husband from judging. Doria took second place & the winner of the contest was Sandra-Kay. D. W. Shears appreciated the coordinator's ability & offered Brenda to enter the National Committee. After the show, the woman was not able to make up with Big Bob. Robin returned home to find own way in life. Doria decided to take part in a new beauty contest.
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