Rooms: A Rock Romance review

Rooms: A Rock Romance Review - Broadway musical

It is a musical about music. It sounds great, but looks even better. It can be concluded that the basis of the creation is the relationship between a man a woman, as well as the desire of each individual character to achieve success in life. Correct to say that Monica and Ian concluded a profitable alliance that later grew into something more. Against this background, sounding onstage music fades into the background and plays a supporting role. The latter is to give one or another episode the atmosphere, emphasizing certain moments and characters, supporting the dynamism of the narrative line. Music is everywhere. It is an integral part of the life of a young couple, and at the same time tells about the life of this pair to the beholder. It sounds like a paradox, but in practice, this translates into a really interesting and outstanding result.

Matthew Deitchman and Hillary Marren brilliantly played major roles. The creative character of Ian has been depicted by an actor with incredible talent, at the same time not boasting with emotional stability. As for Monica, she is characterized by completely different qualities. The girl is focused, tenacious and she has a desire to be the best in everything (like Monica’s character from Friends serial movie). The only thing that unites the above characters – love to art and especially to music. Each viewer will with interest see the reincarnation of rocker. Will they be able to live without music? Of course, not. Music brought them together and helped to become what they are. In this regard, it has a significant place among other values of already married life of Ian and Monica.

The scene is decorated as a classic eatery in Scotland, where rock musicians usually perform. Interestingly that plot changes in moving of protagonists first in London, and then in New York, have little effect on its appearance. The play consists of a single act, and that is why the creators do not produce replacement of sets/props and only adjust the original background. The same goes for the costumes, which are only at the initial stage characterized by restraint and dull tones. The musical has the potential to become a classic in the future. Its main feature – a demonstration of the relationship of people from neither romantic nor dramatic point of view, but in terms of achieving success. Of course, over time, the characters begin to love each other truly, but most of the creation is dedicated to their partnership. Events on the stage successfully backed up with alive and thrilling music. The impression may arise at the output that you've been not in the theater, but at the rock concert.
Last Update:July, 12th 2016

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