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Album lyrics:
  1. Overture
  2. Santa's Gonna Rock and Roll
  3. Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
  4. Parade of the Wooden Soldiers
  5. Here Comes Santa Claus 
  6. White Christmas In New York White Christmas In New York Video
  7. The Man With The Bag
  8. Toyland Ball
  9. Welcome Christmas 
  10. Jing-A-Ling/ Reindeer Dance/ The Fly-Away 
  11. The Nativity 

Santa's Gonna Rock and Roll lyrics

Santa's Gonna Rock and Roll

New york is a magical place to be at christmas
Especially at radio city music hall
Though the trip coming in
Left some ice on my skin
My spirits rise
As temperatures fall

’Cause i know how to warm these bones up
From the top of my cap to the tip of my sock
Cranking the beat up
Will warm these old feet up
Help me turn the heat up
’Cause santa’s gonna rock!

Santa’s gonna rock
Santa’s gonna roll
Santa’s gonna shake like jelly in a bowl
I’m not gonna walk
I’m not gonna stroll
Santa’s gonna rock and roll

Santa’s gonna twist
Santa’s gonna shout
Santa’s gonna shake that old year out
Rockin’ on down
From that old north pole
Santa’s gonna rock and roll

Los angeles!

We’re singing noel
In the sand and the sun
No time to rest
’Cause we’re on the run
Shopping to do
Shows to enjoy
Wishes come true
For each girl and boy
We’re takin’ a break
We’re stoppin’ the clock
I’m a santa ana santa – watch me rock!

Santa’s gonna clap
Santa’s gonna swing
Santa’s gonna make the sleigh bells ring
I’m not playin’ brahms
I’m not playin’ bach
Santa’s gonna rock, rock, rock!


He loves coming south
This time of the year
To that mo-town, snow-town atmosphere


He loves the big d
And old cow-town too
So santa’s gonna rock
Santa’s gonna rock
Rock with you
From the stockyards out to s.m.u.!

Let’s celebrate
With santa’s new beat
Cut up a rug
And dance down the street
Let’s raise the roof
Let’s shake the block
Santa’s here to make
Atlanta and boston and bramson and buffalo
And chicago and columbus and cleveland
And denver and ft. Lauderdale and indianapolis
And milwaukee and minneapolis and phoenix
And st. Louis and seattle and tampa rock!

Santa’s gonna jump
Santa’s gonna slide
Santa’s gonna jiggle like a carnival ride
A new kind of beat
For that jolly old soul
Santa’s gonna rock
Rock and roll
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