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Album lyrics:
  1. Overture
  2. Santa's Gonna Rock and Roll
  3. Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
  4. Parade of the Wooden Soldiers
  5. Here Comes Santa Claus 
  6. White Christmas In New York White Christmas In New York Video
  7. The Man With The Bag
  8. Toyland Ball
  9. Welcome Christmas 
  10. Jing-A-Ling/ Reindeer Dance/ The Fly-Away 
  11. The Nativity 

Radio City Christmas Spectacular review

Radio City Christmas Spectacular Review - Broadway musical

The show in the Radio Hall is traditional. It is always about Christmas and it is full of joy. But this very performance is unique, featuring the Rockettes – a popular women band from New York. The critics were positive about the staging. The first think, all of them mention, is the decorations. Set designers and technical assistants did their best. The attention of the audience is attracted by large snowflakes, located on the globes. They are operated by special GPS technology and look wonderfully. The performance was called extravaganza filled with high tech. But still the spectacle is also considered a bit old-fashioned.

Jesus Christ is worshipped on the stage. The scenes from the Bible are beautiful. The choreography is one of the main parts of the show, as the music band in the center of the plot is specialized in dancing. Their movements are beautiful and perfectly coordinated. In the scene with wooden soldiers, the women look exactly like them. Of course, you cannot forget their famous karate kicks and pretty legs. The choreographer – Linda Haberman – appeared to be a real professional. It is said that she has trained the performers like crazy, making their dances outstanding. Being also a director, she turned this play into a greeting card to whole New York.

Haberman has become a driving force for the show. She made the audience to immerse into the magic of Christmas with the help of technologies and her own ideas brought to life. She applied 3DLive effects and projections. This woman also directed other productions, which were outside New York. She was responsible for Radio City Christmas Spectacular theater tour, which gave performances in Nashville, Boston and Durham. The visual look of women is marvelous. Their hairstyles and costumes are original, bright and colorful. It was reached by the great and hard work of costume designers. Green sparkling suits of the elves and golden glittering dresses of fairies are amazing. The atmosphere of magic is everywhere.

Not only dances, but also songs deserve the attention of the viewers. The talented composers Gary Adler, Mark Hummel and Michael Patrick Walker did an extremely good job. The music is melodious and joyful. It adds to the whole atmosphere of miracle. The words, written for this musical by Mark Waldrop and Mark Hummel are nice and warm. The production is a mixture of fairy tale and reality. The topic, connected with The Rockettes, became very popular. Later, it was also used in the years of 2012 and 2013. Every year it was transformed, as more and more new effects were applied by designers and technicians.

The magical journey of the main characters, which is in the center of the plot every year, and the religious motives make the audience feel the upcoming holiday. It was created for Christmas and it is about Christmas. It tells not only about a plain holiday. A viewer can be filled with high spirits, believe in miracle and create festive mood. The musical is a good thing on the threshold of Christmas and in any other day of the year, as the spectacle is full of joy, happiness, faith and positive emotions.
Last Update:July, 12th 2016

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