Pocahontas review

Pocahontas review

Pocahontas Review - Broadway musical

It is very romantic and memorable love story. This is love between two people who shouldn't have loved each other on developed stereotypes at all, and on contrary, to be at war among themselves and to hate. But it was attraction at the first sight.

Pocahontas is a symbol of the person who is capable to love and achieve her objective despite everything. She is capable to perceive world around and to see all beauty of the nature, to enjoy its paints. The world will become dead if the person perceives cruelly – such idea is revealed in the spectacular. It reminds viewers that the nature is not property of any person, that each plant and animal doesn’t deserve what someone would solve for them whether they can live or should they die.

Music is picked up ideally. All animated films of the 90th years differ with not sample, qualitative music. This production didn't become an exception.

Animation in the musical is excellent until this day. Watching the picture the viewer derives pleasure from how perfectly it is drawn! An episode in which Pocahontas floats on the wild river singing composition 'Just Around the Riverbend' is one of the most sensual, beautiful and concerning in the animated film: the rapid current carries away the girl's boat down, water behind a board becomes white from foam, and huge noisy falls validly don't muffle her ringing singing, habitually meeting Pocahontas on a visit.

The grandmother of the main character, whose spirit lives in the magic tree, has turned out tremendous! This is wise, kind and understanding old woman adoring talking to the granddaughter and helping her with sincere questions. 'Listen to your heart and you will understand!' — she says by little tired, old and infinitely tender voice. Each detail of this musical is penetrating, and the pleasure from viewing of a picture is really inexpressible.
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