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Bride and Groom lyrics

Bride and Groom

It's never too late to Mendelssohn;
It doesn't matter how long you have tarried.
Two hearts are at Journey's Endelssohn -
And we're invited here to see them married.
Two fond hearts will always blendelssohn -
At least we're all expecting them to swear it.
A gay honeymoon they'll spendelssohn;
We hope they Lohengrin and bear it.

This is my wedding day -

And it is mine, too!

This is her wedding day!

And it's divine, too!

This is their wedding day -
Which will combine two!

Don't you just adore it!

They've a nice day for it!

Bachelor boy and bachelor girl-goodbye!
We'd love
To take a picture of
The happy bride and groom.
Let's "shoot"
Them while they're looking cute -
The happy bride and groom.
Be gay!
This is your wedding day -
Oh, happy bride and groom.
It's wrong
To wear your faces long -
Be happy! Happy, happy bride and groom?
Get ready now for we're
To take your photo.
The wedding, it is clear,
Is one of note. Oh!
Your picture may appear
In Sunday's roto!
Watch the little birdie!
Smile and stand the gaff!
Watch the little birdie!
Watch the little birdie!
Watch the little birdie
Taking your photograph. Last Update: June, 24th 2013

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