Oh, Kay! synopsis

Oh, Kay! synopsis

Oh, Kay! Synopsis - Broadway musical

1926. The era of jazz & Prohibition. Jimmy returns to his place after a long absence. In an empty house until this moment, British alcohol contrabandist arranged own contraband – the duke with a sister, Kay. They were assisted by Americans henchmen McGee & Potter. Hearing about host’s returning, duke decided to take alcohol out of the stash, located in the lower floor of the building. Customs employee examined the beach & was convinced that bootleggers continued their activities.

Jimmy recently espoused for the second time – his wife Constance was a very serious person. The first marriage was a consequence of drunken escapade, so the man asked for cancellation of registration. McGee, whom they met inside the building, was considered by the couple as a butler. Soon the owner of the house received a telegram – it was reported that his 1st marriage was not dissolved. Angry because of her invalid registration, newly-wed’s wife went to the hotel. Her husband shared with butler memories of a girl who rescued him once from drowning. Soon after the storm began. In the house went lady Kay – pursued by customs officer. When the owner saw she, he realized she was his savior then, he hid the girl in the sleeping room. At first, the man managed to get rid of unwelcome visitor, but soon the customs officer returned. He found the host of the house and a girl. She said that she was the wife of the house owner. Seeing the suitcases on the floor, officer believed it & left. Because of the storm, Kay had to spend all night at Jimmy’s.

In the morning, the duke & Potter began to look for the girl. After the customs officer’s arrival, Jimmy & Kay were forced to portray the newlyweds. When the officer left, Constance Appleton & her father came into the house. Kay disappeared into the bedroom. Judge – Constance’s father – said that we will re-register the marriage of his daughter & her fiancé. Constance found the girl in the bedroom, but did not suspect anything, as she dressed as maid, saying that she was the wife of the butler. Kay decided to avoid marriage with Jimmy, because she fell in love with him. A girl tried to convince the man that she would be his ideal wife. At this time, the customs officer fell into confusion after learning that Kay was the wife of the butler, not of a host of the house. When serving the dinner, judge & his daughter were dissatisfied with service. Offended, they left.

Again returned officer was shocked to learn that Jimmy has married again. Dressed in Constance’s dress, Kay appeared before him. She managed to convince the officer that wife of butler looks just like her. Seeing the girl in a beautiful dress, Jimmy kissed her. McGee began to act on the plan of Kay. He interrupted the ceremony, saying that he is a customs officer. Bootlegger said Jimmy about the possession of alcohol. Suddenly there was a customs officer appearance again. He arrested the duke & his sister, as well as the owner of the house, accusing a man in aiding bootleggers. He said that he saw Kay in Jimmy’s pajamas last night. The prisoners were placed in the basement. Soon they discovered that the door was not locked & escaped.

Jimmy made a party for his friends & bootleggers. Officer appeared suddenly. It turned out that he was a pirate named Blackbird. The man said that he recently stole all the alcohol of bootleggers. But it turned out that the boxes were transported by drivers of McGee & Potter. Determined to get revenge, Blackbird tried to make deportation of Kay – an Englishwoman could be illegal in America. Jimmy showed the marriage certificate with the girl – now she was a citizen of the USA & their happiness wasn’t threatened.
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