Oh, Kay! review

Oh, Kay! review

Oh, Kay! Review - Broadway musical

The musical is based on a play by Maurice Hanniquin & Pierre Veber – ‘La Presidente’. The name of the product is received after Katharine Faulkner "Kay" Swift – female composer, who wrote own musical productions. She has collaborated with George Gershwin, the author. The main character was named after her husband – Jimmy Warburg. Producers Alex A. Aarons & Vinton Freedly imagined musical in the form of a show that should be created in the style of Princess Theatre. Production had to show farcical story, unfolding in rather simple decorations. Gertrude Lawrence received a leading role even before was written the script and its musical numbers. George & Ira Gershwin began to work on the musical before the libretto appeared, which then was created by Guy Bolton and P. G. Wodehouse. Some of the songs were not included in the final play.

During rehearsals, George Gershwin bought in Philadelphia toyshop a rag doll, which was later used in the musical – by means of it, expressed her feelings the heroine of Gertrude Lawrence, wanting anyone cared after her. The ballad of the main actress became a hit of the spectacular. The song became a standard for future compositions of G. Gershwin. In 1928, based on the musical, was filmed of the same name a silent film. Sound movie has not been ever created. In 1995, took place a musical recording with Dawn Upshaw. This performance included three songs from the original production. The ballad performed by the main character was returned to the 1st act, where it was originally positioned.

Particular attention of viewers staging attracted in 1990, where only black actors were involved. According to some critics, it was not the best production, created with the support of David Merrick, but it has won many accolades and awards (or nominations). Transferring the scene in Harlem has been extremely bad idea, according to J. Racheff, writer engaged in a script adaptation. As of December 1990, for 1 week this performance received net income of 279,983 dollars. In the last week of the show, fees amounted to 56,798 dollars. In 2001, the musical was created, the plot of which was based on the original production. Screenwriter was Joe DiPietro – he reworked the original text written by G. Bolton and P. G. Wodehouse. The show received a new name – ‘They All Laughed!’. Subsequently, this version of the musical twice changed its name, ending with ‘Nice Work If You Can Get It’.
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