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The Name of Love - Moonfall (Reprise) lyrics

The Name of Love - Moonfall (Reprise)

Love is but a word that wandered here from pastures green
Where it was rarely said or seen and seldom sung.
Innocent enough, it was intended to be used on rare occasions.
Not abused by every tongue.
Rarely has a word been ever taken so in vain.
What little meaning might remain is quickly blurred.
Never has there been so quite exhausted such a term -
Your sighs and syllables confirmed how drained this word.

You call it love.
I call it rude.
I call it lust.
I call it lewd.
I call it cruel.
I cannot bear
To call it love.
I think it foul.
I think it vile.
No more I'll take
of cunning guile.
You're worse than bad:
You give to sin
The name of love.

I call it love.
You call it rude.
You think me just
A bit too crude.
And I the fool,
Yet I still dare
To call it love.
I see you scowl,
You see me smile.
'Tis you I'll break!
I've no denial
My words are mad:
I speak them in the name of love.

Rose Bud, the dainty little face whose every curl
Confirms that she's a child, a girl, a neophyte:
Rosa is the only soul in Cloisterham, it seems,
Who senses just the sort of dreams you dream at night.
Did you think your stare would stop my seeing?
Every fibre of my being told me since I was betrothed
That your most unnatural attention conjures words I dare not mention.
You must know how much I loathed.

Rosa: To know your wants.
To see your clutch.
To hear your
To feel your touch
A dreadful task
To even speak
The name of love.

I will not fear
My tragic plight!
I have a choice -
I'll take to flight!
I'll not permit
You to desecrate
The name of love!

And in the moonfall,
Can you not see this victim, and lo,
his slave
Save me -
And yet he seems so in pain!
John, you make me like stone,
Transfixed with wonder,
Mixed with the thunder
Of this love.
Your name of love is chilling to me!

You know my wants
to need not clutch.
You have no choice.
Is it so much
For me to ask?
I only seek
The name of love.

I love to hear
The angry bite
of your fair voice!
One blazing night,
You will submit
And give your fate
The name of love!

And in the moonfall
Can you not free this victim you so
Save me,
And let these dreams remain
Awake my own,
Transfixed with one...
Of this love.
My all, my love,
Your name is love and thrilling to me!

Rosa & Jasper:
Beneath these skies one night unknown,
would (s)he dare?
Between our eyes one sight alone we share:
The sight of moonfall
As it comes into view...

So that
Soon I
only see but

So I promise that you shall be
Soon a golden idol whom I
Own and love and lead into a
Sea of light! 'Tis but the falling
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