Settling Up the Score lyrics - Mystery Of Edwin Drood, The

Settling Up the Score lyrics

Settling Up the Score

Here to track this man in black am I,
With one clue as to the who and why!

I find myself
In this aggravating form and face,
Gravitating to this place,
Navigating t'wards this case!

Puffer & Datchery:
I've come to town, my ear at every door,
Half the clown, yet crafty at the core.
Settling down to settle up the score.
A kettle full of fish I'll fry,
I'll cook each goose, (to mix a metaphor),
and unloose a mighty meteor -
I'm settling down to settle up the score

My mettle will be more than tested!

Datchery & Puffer:
A debt'll be repaid before I've rested - oh!


No word,

What's brewed,

No grave,

No tomb...

Datchery & Puffer:
Who'll say who's done what and why to whom?

I'm on the scent, I'm inventing everything I am...

Where's the sacrificial lamb?

'Ere in bloody Cloisterham

Puffer & Datchery:
I've come to town to ask at every door:
Did Edwin Drood drown or was he washed ashore?
I'm settling down to settle up the score:
Red herring on a briny beach!

I'll solve this yet
As Grand Inquisitor!
Make a bet
You've met me once before!
Make a threat?
I only wish you would!
I'm settling up the score for good!
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