Never the Luck lyrics - Mystery Of Edwin Drood, The

Never the Luck lyrics

Never the Luck

Never the luck
and never the lead,
And "never you mind", they say.
In time we all taste
the lime in the light
And I'll have my night someday.

Still, each precious part
Seems over and done
Before I've begun to speak. I cast out my line
And keep my hand in
But I'll not stand in this week.
Some starless night, they'll call towards the wings:
"Who here dances and sings?"
That's when your truly springs
And seeing me then, they will cry,
"Why he knows each line, and everyone's cue!
We must let him do the part!"
I'll leap center-stage,
The music will play,
I'll waltz my way into your heart!

Tho' ever I plan,
and ever I plot
With ever the pluck to try,
I wait for my star by fate to be struck -
But never the luck have I...

Ever the hope and ever he scheme,
and ever the dream!

But ever the dream have I!
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