Mystery Of Edwin Drood, The review

Mystery Of Edwin Drood, The Review - Broadway musical

Classical plot of Charles Dickens' novels always is also long and various. It isn't easy to reflect it in series. In the musical, this task seems impracticable at all. Not to get out the framework of time, its creators had to cut down all events strongly. Actions are promptly replaced, and the viewer doesn't have time on judgment of situation. It is impossible to tell that these circumstances have done it good.

If to speak only about a technical and visual component, then it is thought over ideally. Smart design of the scene, suits, tremendous atmosphere of the Victorian England: cloudy sky, big houses, a stone cemetery. There are little locations in the musical, but all of them are thought over unusually and arranged, and except some things, literally each detail breathes that era.

Unfortunately, it can't be told about semantic contents. Dickens's plot was godlessly shredded, having left only those lines, which, according to creators' opinion, have values for continuation. In places where the author has long explaining details, in musical there are one, literally the second strokes. It inserted as though only for original plot following.

It’s necessary to say several words about music and actors. The magnificent music, sounding from the beginning, penetrates the musical, adding depth to images of characters. It is capable to lodge in soul of the person for a long time. The main character Jasper is a regent of church choir. Therefore, bel canto, a fine man's vocal, is closely connected with his image. There is also a fine visual row, a set of symbols demanding a solution.

But the most amazing part in the musical is actor's play. Especially should be noted John Jasper's role. His ability to play the villain, causing sympathy at the same time is inherent only in great actors. The passions, which are tearing apart Jasper, this quiet person, love, involved on envy, hatred, which has arisen in his soul because of dislike of the father is embodied in really heart-breaking scene of his suicide in the final of musical.

Before going on this performance, the viewer has to be ready that he/she will see some shortcomings. To transfer a plot of classical novel is a really difficult task. Creators have coped with this problem not ideally. However, the musical is worth watching all the same.
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