Music Man, The synopsis

Music Man, The synopsis

Music Man, The Synopsis - Broadway musical

The action of the musical takes place in 1912. Several salesmen, including the main character, are travelling by train. They are arguing about credits. But their conversation soon moves to a one of well-known scammers. He is famous for deceiving parents, offering to teach their kids playing musical instruments. When he gets money, he disappears. One of the sales representatives stands up and leaves the train. He appears to be that scammer, as his name is written on his suitcase.

We see this cheater in Iowa (River City), where he visits his old friend. There he also becomes acquainted with the only musician in the town – a librarian. The man follows her trying to flirt, but she does not pay attention to him. At home, she is reaching a little girl playing the piano. After this, she argues with her mother about men and high standards of the girl. The student is in love with the little brother of her teacher.

The following day is the fourth of July. The festival is prepared in the school gym. But it is disturbed by a firecracker made by a boy from the bad part of the city. The scammer announces that he is going to prevent sins in the town and will form a band. He still tries to win the librarian’s heart. He is sure she is a right woman for him. He creates a band and many people like it. The ladies of the town find out about his affection and say false things about her inappropriate relations with an old man. The school board tries to get the scammers’ credentials. He comes to the library to win the woman’s attention again. Everyone, including them, starts dancing. They kiss. But the woman still doesn’t like him. But her mother does. She is trying to understand, why her daughter ignores the man. The librarian describes her ideal partner. She finds some evidence about the fraud of the scammer and decides to uncover them to the mayor. But the wagon with instruments arrives, and they have to stop the conversation. As the brother of the woman becomes a part of the band, she starts look at the man differently. She decides not to uncover incriminating facts about him.

The ladies dance in the gym. Everyone joins them. The librarian asks the main hero about his way of teaching. The ladies invite her to dance with them and change their minds about her. The woman is thinking about the scammer, while one of the travelling salesmen appears. He has evidence against the man for the mayor of the town. The woman tries to stop him and kisses him. The salesman is angry and announces to her that the scammer has plenty of girls in every city he has visited. The man comes and tells her about the rumors about her affair. She is sure that the salesman has lied about him as well. They later meet on the bridge and she tells him about the changes in her because of him.

The uniform for the band has come. The friend of the cheater advises him to run, but he refuses. He finds out that the woman is aware of his fraud already. She gives him the evidence. When he hears her singing, the man understands that he is in love with her. The salesman missed his train and returns to uncover the fraud. People of the town are looking for the evidence. The librarian’s brother is disappointed. But the woman says that it was before he met her. The man is arrested. The mayor asks people what to do with the scammer, and the woman protects him. The children in the uniform start playing, everyone is impressed. The man is released.
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