Music Man, The review

Music Man, The Review - Broadway musical

It is quite interesting to watch a musical about the music. First thing, which makes us admire, is the songs. The talented composer – Meredith Willson – was inspired by his own boyhood. He spent it in Iowa and understands the spirit of that place. Outstanding melodies and beautiful voices of the actors made the performance mesmerizing.

Concerning the plot, it also deserves out attention. It is a kind of mixture of comedy and romance. The story itself gives us an important lesson. Everyone can become better, when s/he falls in love. Sometimes we don’t even notice it, but our beloved change us.

The staging immediately became popular among the public. It is proved by so many revivals of the show and a movie adaptation. Each production features gifted actors, singers and dances. Choreography should be mentioned as well, as dances take a great part of the performance. Onna White really did her best in her task. The audience likes both the original and the new versions of the musical. Many people say that Craig Bierko managed to return old ideal of an attractive man in a leading role. Being a fraudster, he makes us like him anyway. The performer perfectly showed the shifts in his character. We see, how he becomes better and understands, what is important in life.

Rebecca Luker appeared to be perfect main female character. Her heroine is gentle and lovely, but she also has strength and principles. Here you can find plenty of references to the culture of that time. Those, who are interested in history, will highly estimate it. The show is often called a Broadway jewel. It should be watched by all the musical lovers. You will definitely like everything here – songs, dances, costumes, actors and the plot. It is a reflection of talents and creativity. The staging deserved every award, it has obtained.
Last Update:May, 16th 2016

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