Old Friends/Like It Was lyrics - Merrily We Roll Along

Old Friends/Like It Was lyrics

Old Friends/Like It Was

Old Friends
Hey, old friend,
What do you say, old friend?
Make it okay, old friend,
Give an old friendship a break.
Why so grim?
We're going on forever.
You, me, him,
Too many lives are at stake.

Friends this long
Has to mean something's strong,
So if your old friend's wrong,
Shouldn't an old friend come through?
It's us, old friend ?
What's to discuss, old friend?
Here's to us,
Who's like us ? ?

Damn few.

Like It Was

Why can't it be like it was?
I liked it the way that it was,
Charley ?
You and me, we were nicer then.

We were nice,
Kids and cities and trees were nice,
Everything ?
I don't know who we are any more,
And I'm starting not to care.

Look at us, Charley,
Nothing's the way that it was.
I want it the way that it was.
Help me stop remembering then.

Don't you remember?
It was good, it was really good.
Help me out, Charley,
Make it like it was.

It was better, Charley. We both know it.

But we're not the three of us anymore. Now we're one and one and one.

Nothing's the way that it was.
I want it the way that it was.
God knows, things were easier then.

Trouble is, Charley,
That's what everyone does:
Blames the way it is
On the way it was,
On the way it never ever was.
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