Merrily We Roll Along (1980) lyrics - Merrily We Roll Along

Merrily We Roll Along (1980) lyrics

Merrily We Roll Along (1980)

Yesterday is done ?

FRANK (Older)
Compromise is how you survive.

FRANK (Younger)
It's how you give up.
See the pretty countryside ?

FRANK (Older)
Compromise is the bottom line, let me tell you.
Merrily we roll along, roll along ?
And if you know beforehand ?
Bursting with dreams ?
? if you know now that all you're intending to happen ?
Travelling's the fun ?
? ain't gonna happen the way you think it's gonna happen ?

It will.

FOURTH SOLO C'mon, man.
Flashing by the countryside ?
FRANK (Older)
FIFTH SOLO ? because life has some ideas about your intentions.
Everybody, merrily,

Merrily ?

ALL SIX Hey kids ?
Catching at dreams ?
Listen to us "old guys" if you can. I know you don't see it, but some day you're
going to be us.
Rolling along ?
Rolling along ? FRANK (Younger)
Rolling along ? Not if I can help it.

FRANK (Older)
I understood the facts least of anybody when I was your age. I believe all I
dreamed of back then was to compose music. And I did, as you may
GROUP I remember.
Dreams don't die,
But keep an eye on your dream ? GROUP II
And before you know where you are,
There you are.
Time goes by
And hopes go dry,
But you still can try FRANK (Older)
For your dream ? Oh, yeah. Music was going to
sustain me, fulfill me, support
Tend your dream ? How does it happen? But "real life" came along. I had
Dreams take time ? When does it disappear? choices to make ?
Time goes by ? How can you get so far off the track?
Why don't you turn around and go back?
Bend your dream ? How does it happen?
Where is the moment?
With the road ? How can you miss it? Isn't it clear?
How can you let it slip out of gear?

(to the older Frank)
How did you ever get there from here?

You roll ? How does it happen?
How does it happen?
You just roll ? When does it disappear?
Isn't it always clear?
Everybody roll ? How does it start to go?
How does it slip away slow ?

? So you never even notice
It's happening?

FRANK (Younger)
How did you get there from here, Mr. Shepard?

What did you have to go through?

How did you get there from here, Mr. Shepard?

Boy, did they do it to you ?

Pick yourself a raod, If you want to hear something amazing, ask anybody here if where they are is
(with another girl) where they were headed. I'll bet you most of them won't even remember
Get to know where they were even headed at your age. If you knew how I've bounced
The countryside. around and been bounced around ?
(with the group)
Soon enough
You're merrily,
Practicing dreams,

Dreams that will explode,
Waking up the countryside,
Making you feel merrily,
What can go wrong,
Rolling along?

Some roads are soft
And some are bumpy.
Some roads you really
Some rides are rough
And leave you jumpy,
Why make it tough
By getting grumpy?
Plenty of roads to try.

Some roads are soft One
And some are bumpy, Trip, all you get is
Some roads you really One quick ride,
Fly. Look around a bit.
Some roads are rough One quick ride
And leave you jumpy, Through the
Why make it tough Countryside,
By getting grumpy? Stay on the track.
Plenty of roads to try. FRANK (Older)
Some roads you really Better look back. ? And I am going
Fly. to bounce back.
Some leave you Because I know the
High and dry ? rules, the rules
I'm trying to share
with you here today.

Better look back.
Better look back.
Better look back!
Better look back!
Better look ?

FRANK (Younger)
How did you get there from here, Mr Shepard?
What did you have to go through?

How did you get there from here, Mr. Shepard?
How did you get to be you?

Bending with the road,
Gliding through the countryside.
Everybody merrily,
Sing 'em your song,
Rolling along!
Rolling along!
Rolling along!
Rolling a ?
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Merrily We Roll Along (1980)
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