Hills of Tomorrow lyrics - Merrily We Roll Along

Hills of Tomorrow lyrics

Hills of Tomorrow

Behold the hills of tomorrow!
Behold the limitless sky!
Fling wide the gates
To a world that waits!
As our journey starts,
Behold! Our hearts
Are high!

Beyond the hills of tomorrow
Are skys more beautiful still!
Behold! Begin!
There are worlds to win!
May we come to trust
The dreams we must

Now, it is my privilege to introduce our distinguished alumnus
who wrote that song here 25 years ago, the great songwriter and
film producer, Mr. Franklin Shepard.

(Applause as the speaker enters.)

FRANK (Older)
I am Franklin Shepard, and I also was my class valedictorian here 25 long years ago.
Are these kids swell? We don't have to
wonder what happened to the world's ideals any more.
This gang behind me has taken them all.
So, would I be hanged if I told
you young innocents a few realities?
I can save you guys so much pain and hurt if
I can make you understand today that life isn't
about doing the best; it's about doing the best you can.

FRANK (Younger)
No, it isn't. It's doing the best.

FRANK (Older)
A goal is something you aim for more than something you achieve.

It's the old "tell it like it is" speech.

FRANK (Older)
I'm thinking you better start by hearing the word "practical," right here,
right now, today.

Where's the exit?

FRANK (Older)
Some day I guarantee you'll know the word "practical" very well.


FRANK (Older)
Fate has a way of introducing us to "practical" eventually.

Give us a break, Mr. Shepard.

FRANK (Older)
And it's the same with the word "compromise."

Compromise? I haven't even started.
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