Cherry Tree Lane (Part 2) lyrics - Mary Poppins

Cherry Tree Lane (Part 2) lyrics

Cherry Tree Lane (Part 2)

That is quite enough tommy rot for one day!
Would you please go upstairs and let me get to work!
I might have guessed
The wind is blowing
And it's an easterly, It's bound to bring a chill!
I'm underdressed
I must be going
Fetch my gloves and scarf or I'll be later still
Where's my hat?
He's brushed it with boot polish!

Precision and order
That's all that I ask
The running of a household
A straightforward task
The children, the servants
They're all your domain

Whilst I remain the sovereign
Mind you use your day well.

You remain the sovereign

I shall be home at six o'clock sharp.

He remains the sovereign
Of Cherry Tree Lane.

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