Mary Poppins synopsis

Mary Poppins synopsis

Mary Poppins Synopsis - Broadway musical

The musical starts with an introduction of main characters and the place – Cherry Tree Lane. Banks family is in the center of the plot. The parents have two extremely naughty kids, who need a nanny. However, the latest one has just run away from them. In order to help their parents, children make an advertisement. They want to find an ideal nanny. Nevertheless, the parents're sure, it is not going to work. That’s why they put the ad into the fireplace and burn it. After this, Mary Poppins appears in a few seconds. She has a good qualification and moral. That’s why the family likes her.

Mary Poppins starts taking care of the kids. She teaches them good and wise things. First thing they know from her is that people cannot be judged by their appearance, we should look deeper. The so-called lesson takes place in the park, when they meet a dirty man in worn out clothes.

Besides the naughty children, there is another trouble in the family. The mother is disappointing her spouse and kids. In other words, role of mother seems very hard for her. So, to improve the situation, the woman wants to organize a party. The kids try to spoil it, but Mary gives a good lesson and sorts everything out. Nevertheless, nobody comes to that party. Then Mary brings kids to see their dad at his work in the bank. However, he is very busy and gets angry, when sees them. But some time later, the father changes his mind and understands, how he has changed. He chooses to make a deal, which then turns to the worse.

Mary introduces a Bird woman to the kids, then they meet another woman, who works in a sweet shop. Both children come home. They are very inspired. But they do not know about their dad’s troubles at work. After that deal, he has been suspended from work without payment. He's extremely angry with his children. They're said to go to the nursery, where the fighting for a toy starts. Finally, that toy gets alive and together with Mary tries to teach them to take care of their things. After this, Poppins leaves them for a whole and writes a note.

The mother chooses a new nanny, who used to manage her husband. But she appears to be a tyrant. The children run away to the park, where they meet an old friend. He shows them, how to fly kite, and it becomes a symbol of Mary Poppins coming back. Everyone is happy. The father is also in the park. He is depressed. His wife is looking for him. She has already understood, what damage has been made by his nanny.

Everyone returns home and nannies argue. The new nanny finally disappears, and the parents are pleased. The father receives a letter from work. He thinks, it's the end of career and wants to sell their family heirloom. One of them – an old vase – gets broken. The father is going to clean the pile and find the collection of stars from his childhood. He's wonderful reflection of the past. Then he goes to the bank. His wife wants to support him and follows him to that place. Mary brings children there as well. It turns out, the deal made by the father is extremely good for the bank. He understands that it's Poppins’ words, which have convinced him to make such a choice. When he sees his wife he understands, he has not been good enough towards her. The family is reunited. It's time for Mary to leave them, but they will never forget their nanny.
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