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Something Funny's Going On lyrics

Something Funny's Going On

[Cast] Something funny's going on
and it isn't very pretty.
This is how it all began
with the murder of a man.

[Rita] Oops!

[Cast] In Atlantic City.
New Jersey.
Something funny's going on
there's a lot we haven't told yet

[Women]There's a fortune

[Men] and a chase

[Cast]and a lovely foreign place.

[Dominique] Lovely foregin place.

[Men] Lovely lovely

[Women] Foreign Foreign

[Cast] Place. Ahhh..
And the body isn't cold yet.
In New Jersey.
The story that you're about to hear
is strange we know
and things like this don't happen everyday
but there's a little saying
and it's appropos
Where there's a will,
where there's a will
where there's a way
there's a way!

[Voice of Tony Hendon. Spoken.]
Dear Nephew Harry this is my last will and testament.
I hope it finds you in better health than it does me! Ha.

[Cast] Something funny's going on
There's an awful lot of action

[Dominique] And a physical attraction

[Annabel] And a lot of dogs!

[Cast] Woof woof!

[Vinnie] There's a fourtune to be won.

[Rita] And a woman with a gun.

[Luigi] And the body of a man.

[Cast] And an axe about to fall.

[Harry] On one unsuspecting fellow

[Cast] In the middle of it all.
In England, In may.
With the day already gone
Something funny, funny
Very very funny.
Woof, Woof, Bang

[Rita] Oops!

[Cast] Is going on!

[Thanks to Savannah Skidmore for lyrics]
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