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A Woman in My Bathroom lyrics

A Woman in My Bathroom

Cue: ?Just because we slept together does not mean we are on a first name basis.?

There's a woman in my bathroom in a sheet
The most aggravating girl I ever knew.
After driving me insane
Now she's off to catch a plane
Thanks to you!
I've had people pointing pistols at my head
I've been hounded and harassed by god knows who.
I have nearly lots my wits
And I still can't call it quits
Thanks to you!

Thanks to you my life is upside down and inside out
And I have this awful feeling you'd say,
?That's what life is all about?

And here's this woman in my bathroom in a slip
Getting dressed, going on her way
Thanks to you. Here we are.
Thanks to you. I've come so far, Uncle.
Tell me. How to tell her.
To stay.

[Thanks to Andrew Mauney for lyrics]
Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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