Lucky Stiff synopsis

Lucky Stiff synopsis

Lucky Stiff Synopsis - Broadway musical

Harry Witherspoon is shoe salesman. He dreamed about the changes in his life. Soon the men received an inheritance from his uncle. He will get an amount of 6 million dollars, if he fulfills the conditions of deceased. The lawyer gave the seller the embalmed body of Uncle Anthony and on his knees were a box in the shape of a heart. Harry knew that he had to accompany the corpse in an entertaining trip to Monte Carlo. To the body was attached a list of what he had to do with the dead person. The seller could get the money only if he complied with all conditions, otherwise they would go to charity. The man supposed to take his uncle's body in Monte Carlo to have fun.

Casino owner's wife told her brother that her husband found out about the missing diamonds, stolen by her together with the manager Anthony. Accused Vinnie in stealing the jewelry, Rita managed to warn him about the danger. A woman also confessed in the crime. Short-sighted lady shot lover of Anthony, but he missed and killed a man. Soon afterwards, Rita read that his nephew received an inheritance – an uncle managed to send diamonds to a lawyer. Brother and sister decided to return the jewelry. When Harry was riding with the dead man on the train, he saw a woman who watched him. On the way, salesman met Italian Luigi. Arriving in Monte Carlo, Harry once again saw this woman from the train.

He soon found out – she was a representative of the charity fund. Annabel hoped that Harry would lose the right to inheritance. The man refused to give money to the animals – he could not stand dogs. Soon Harry, along with the dead, settled in the hotel. Arriving in Nice, Vinnie and Rita found a hotel where the heir lived. Harry began to perform uncle’s wishes. He traveled with the body in a casino, jumped with a parachute and did a scuba diving. He was followed by Annabel. In a nightclub, singer took a seat nearby Harry. Dominique was hired at the request of the deceased. She arranged a party for the British. Harry took his uncle's body in the room, and went to the casino. Soon Rita snuck there. Being without glasses, she decided that her lover was still alive. Hugged him, she realized the awful reality. Harry won at the casino, using a system of a friend of his uncle. Then a gun was put to him – Rita wanted to know why he takes a dead man with him. In the confusion caused by Vinnie, Harry and Annabel managed to escape. They also captured the body of his uncle. Hiding in the room wasn’t successful – they lost their key. Harry threw a bed sheet on a dead man. Together with Annabel, he hid behind the gurney with the laundry. Drunk maid made a mistake and took her uncle's body instead. Harry unsuccessfully sought the dead man; Rita continued to go after him, and she was looked for by her brother. Humbled, Harry and Annabel celebrated the end of acquaintance. In the morning, they found that lie in the same bed.

Soon the maid brought a chair with a dead man back to them. Then, Rita burst in the room. The woman was wearing glasses, so she immediately understood that the dead man is not Anthony. Her weapon took the man, appeared in the room. It was Luigi. But the Italian immediately explained that he actually is Uncle Anthony. The deceased person was his friend. The man decided to implement Luigi’s dream of vacation in Monte Carlo. In the box that was lying on the lap of a corpse, it was the heart of the deceased. Diamonds were inside of the dead. Rita asked for forgiveness from her lover. Here her brother and singer arrived. Vinnie and Dominique have decided to steal the diamonds. They took the box, where jewels allegedly were, and flee. Harry worried – wouldn’t Annabel get anything for her organization? The uncle gave the woman a check for $10 000. He gave nephew $500 and advised to go to the casino. Harry persuaded Annabel to spend the remaining days of vacation with him.
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