Act II Finale: Good To Be Alive lyrics - Lucky Stiff

Act II Finale: Good To Be Alive lyrics

Act II Finale: Good To Be Alive

Harry: Do you think anyone else is coming through that door?
Annabel: I hope not
H: I'll just lock it then, shall I?
A: That would be a wonderful idea
H: Ms. Glick...
A: Annabel...
H: Annabel. You know this week is paid in advance
A: Yes
H: And I've got plenty of pocket money
And my uncle's infallible system for roulette
A: Yes
H: Well, I thought per- perhaps you. I mean, we.
Could... well, what I'm trying to say is. Ugh
Why don't you stay?
A: You mean, stay here for the entire week, sightseeing and gambling?
H: You might win something for the dogs
A: Yes, but there are only so many hours in a person's life
And to spend a week just enjoying oneself, well, I don't know
I mean there are certain things that take priority over
personal pleasure and responsibility's-
Harry: You can see the sun, shining on the sea
A: I'm not what you'd call a
spontaneous person or anything, though Harry
H: What a lovely sea, wouldn't you agree
A: I have no sense of humor,
and I'm not fun to be around in the morning, really
H: lovely little boats waiting at the shore.
We could learn to use them
A: I can't swim, I can't even doggy- paddle
H: Seagulls in the sky, people passing by
Worlds of things to try, how can you refuse them?

A: I uh... I- I do like seagulls.
H: Why not take a chance? Why not go for broke?
We'll sail out to see (we'll sail away out to sea)
Who knows what we'll learn, or when we'll return
Both: Lucky, aren't we?
H: It's all so strange
A: It's all so new
Both: And all so strangely overdue
But somehow being here with you, I know that I'll survive
Oh, it's good to be alive.
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