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It Never Was You lyrics

It Never Was You

I've been running through rain
And the winds that follow after,
For one certain face,
And an unforgotten laughter
I've been looking for suns
I've been searching through the lands
For a certain pair of eyes
And a certain pair of lips.
Yes, I've looked everywhere
You can look without wings
And I've tried a great variety
Of interesting things.
But it never was you,
It never was any way you
An occasional sunset reminded me,
Or a flower hanging high on a tulip tree,
Or one red star hung low in the west,
Or a heartbreak call from a meadowlark's nest
Made me think for a moment.
Maybe it's true
I've found you in the star, in the call,
In the blue...
But it never was you,
It never was any way you
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