LoveMusik synopsis

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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Speak Low
  3. Nanna's Lied
  4. Kiddush
  5. Song of the Rhineland Song of the Rhineland Video
  6. Klops Lied (Meatball Song)
  7. Berlin Im Licht
  8. Tango Ballad
  9. Alabama Song
  10. Girl of the Moment 
  11. Moritat 
  12. Schickelgruber 
  13. Come to Paris 
  14. I Don't Love You 
  15. Wouldn't You Like to Be On Broadway? Wouldn't You Like to Be On Broadway? Video
  16. Alabama Song (Reprise) 
  17. Act 2
  18. Very, Very, Very Very, Very, Very Video
  19. It's Never Too Late To Mendelssohn 
  20. Surabaya Johnny
  21. Youkali
  22. Buddy On The Night Shift
  23. That's Him
  24. Hosannah Rockefeller 
  25. I Don't Love You, Reprise 
  26. The Illusion Wedding Show 
  27. It Never Was You
  28. Birds Of Passage 
  29. September Song

LoveMusik synopsis

LoveMusik Synopsis - Broadway musical

1924. 26-year-old Lotte Lenya worked as a maid in a house on the lake. The girl was sent to pick up the composer Kurt Weill, who came with a visit to the owners. Sailed by boat to the pier, Lenya saw a young man standing there. He was dressed in a shabby suit, like rabbi apparel. During delivery of a guest, girl got acquainted with him as close as possible. After that, she was embarrassed to admit to Kurt, that before she was engaged in a shameful job – being a teenager, her father forced her to become a prostitute. Young people are drawn to each other not for no reason. They soon realized that they were kindred spirits. She was trying to become an actress, moonlighting as a maid. Different origins and religions – the Weill was the son of a Jewish synagogue singer and Lenya was born in the family of Catholics – have not prevented Kurt and Lotte start dating.

In 1926, young people were married. A few years later Weill became the most famous composer in Germany. As a result of his collaboration with Bertolt Brecht, The Threepenny Opera was born and a number of other musical works. Weill was upset with free attitude of Lenya to their marriage – she adhered to own views on the issue, and often cheated on her husband. After a while, they got divorced.

Soon Weill’s fame gave him big problems. After the Nazis came to power in Germany, the composer felt great concern. Because of his Jewish origin, he was forced along with his ex-wife to leave the country and to move to France. The Second World War forced a man and a woman to flee to the United States. When Weill and Lenya became US citizens, they re-married. Remarriage of the couple had an open character – both Kurt and Lotte could have affairs on the side. In America, the composer was in great demand – Weill began writing musicals for Broadway and soundtracks for Hollywood movies. Lenya was not popular as an actress. Very often, she was offered the roles only because she was the wife of the famous composer. As a result, Lotte began to act in theater, performing songs of her husband time from time.

Soon she met George Davis – man was the editor of the American magazine. Despite the fact that he was an alcoholic and a poof, Lenya and he became friends. Soon, George decided to help the actress to restart her career. Weill often lived in California, while a wife stayed alone in New York. Despite the distance, the couple continued to love each other. Therefore, the sudden death of Kurt in 1950 strongly hit Lotte. She was heartbroken, but Davis managed to support her. The editor gave her friend a new purpose in life. She had to finish the work of the deceased husband and fulfill the staging of The Threepenny Opera on Broadway. So she took the stage in this performance in memory of her beloved Kurt.
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