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Musical’s script was written by A. Uhry, who based his story on personal correspondence between Kurt Weill & Lotte Lenya. Composer is Kurt Weill, lyrics were created by different authors. Broadway’s staging was performed on the Theatre’s Club scene under the direction of Harold Prince. Choreographer – P. Birch. The first preview was on April 2007. The premiere of the musical was in early May 2007 at the Biltmore Theatre’s stage. After 60 runs, the show was completed in late June 2007.

The histrionics involved: D. Murphy, M. Cerveris, D. Pittu, J. Scherer and others. In 2009-2010, musical acted in Japan. The role of Kurt performed M. Ichimura. The theatrical was done in the Japanese language. International production of the musical were in Argentina (Buenos Aires), Germany (Berlin), Hungary (Budapest), Israel (Haifa), Spain (Madrid), UK (London).

March 2016. Musical is shown in Buenos Aires on stage Paceo La Plaza. Setting carried out by R. Hornos & P. Kompel. Director – Jonathan Butterell. Music director – G. Gardelín. The show involved: E. Roger, E. Meloni, D. Mariani, L. Bassi, A. Fontan, B. Pasqualini, R. Laudani, M. Taccagni & N. Sanchez.

Broadway production was nominated at Tony Award in four categories, and received two Drama Desks out of the nine categories.
Release date: 2007
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LoveMusik lyrics list

  1. Act 1
  2. Speak Low Lyrics
  3. Nanna's Lied Lyrics
  4. Kiddush Lyrics
  5. Song of the Rhineland Lyrics Song of the Rhineland Video  add
  6. Klops Lied (Meatball Song) Lyrics
  7. Berlin Im Licht Lyrics
  8. Tango Ballad Lyrics
  9. Alabama Song Lyrics
  10. Girl of the Moment Lyrics   add
  11. Moritat Lyrics   add
  12. Schickelgruber Lyrics   add
  13. Come to Paris Lyrics   add
  14. I Don't Love You Lyrics   add
  15. Wouldn't You Like to Be On Broadway? Lyrics Wouldn't You Like to Be On Broadway? Video  add
  16. Alabama Song (Reprise) Lyrics   add
  17. Act 2
  18. Very, Very, Very Lyrics Very, Very, Very Video  add
  19. It's Never Too Late To Mendelssohn Lyrics   add
  20. Surabaya Johnny Lyrics
  21. Youkali Lyrics
  22. Buddy On The Night Shift Lyrics
  23. That's Him Lyrics
  24. Hosannah Rockefeller Lyrics   add
  25. I Don't Love You, Reprise Lyrics   add
  26. The Illusion Wedding Show Lyrics   add
  27. It Never Was You Lyrics
  28. Birds Of Passage Lyrics   add
  29. September Song Lyrics
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