Little Women review

Little Women review

Little Women Review - Broadway musical

Director Susan H. Schulman has done an excellent job. She managed to combine in its creation elements of drama and comedy. Both genres fantastically well fit the right moments, and interact with each other perfectly. The first act mainly filled with comical episodes. The audience sees from the stage maximalism of young heroes, their ardent desire for success, as well as a rich variety of delights of life. As for the second act, it looks much bleaker, because its events take place against the backdrop of the bloodiest stages of the Civil War. Almost all the characters were drawn into this conflict. Someone lost his or her beloved, someone – possessions, and somebody – life. All this finds its reflection in the later works of the main character Jo, which many refused to accept because of the presence in it of a great cruelty and realism of the events described.

Music in Little Women varies exactly according to the script of creation. Initially, the composer offers the audience airy and light comical songs like Take a Chance On Me, Our Finest Dreams, and others. But at the time when the action on the stage gets more dramatic in nature, music starts to be characterized by greater tragedy. This is illustrated by the following compositions: Here Alone, and Days Of Plenty. Composer Jason Howland has done a really excellent job, so his music sound harmoniously with all the episodes.

Little Women contains many outstanding and colorful characters, on which it is really interesting to watch. First of all, we should mention Jo. She is a creative person, but war has left the very noticeable mark on her heart. Depicting the considered character was entrusted to the actress Sutton Foster. For the embodiment of the Jo character on stage, she received a second in her career nomination for Tony Award, and confirmed own status as one of the best performers of contemporary theater. Other actors also deserve high praises for their work. M. McGovern, J. Powers, D. Gurwin – all played their parts perfectly, and this became integral in the overall success of the play.

The musical hasn’t been unnoticed by The Broadway League. It received one nomination for Tony and 3 nominations for Drama Desk. Though Little Women did not receive these awards, however, what is more important – staging was able to get a lot of fans around the world. Musical of Susan H. Schulman is considered one of the most beloved works of North Americans. B. Bartley from The New York Times said that watching the story of four sisters living in poverty during civil war, but in fairness to the other, was just like reading the immortal novel by Louisa May Alcott. What to say more – classic is classic.
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